huwaaaa…rasanya kosong..mau ngapain g ada yg menarik..

what i can do is read..T.T..tapi bosan…padahal bahan kuliah aje gile banyak banget..

when my spirit gone???????

merasa nggak melakukan semua dengan baik..





“life is not ju…

“life is not just you but you must see around you. It’s will make you know what is mean of life”

keep the faith..God always seen you..


Bogor is a small city but you can find trafic jam everywhere. First thing I move to bogor I thought it will be cool in here, but I am wrong. First thing after arrive in here, i thought bogor is public transport city or you can call “angkot”. You can find in the road 1:4, 1 for private car and 4 for angkot. I wonder why local goverment not take an action, maybe with delimit number of angkot.

me and my friend

This is my conversation with my friend

me : sometimes i tired..but now i must encourage myself how to stand up and walking again

my friend : just thinking about f.u.t.u.r.e. so you will stand up again

don’t you scared if you can not build your spirit again?

me : yup..i’m scared of it..but i must walk..i don’t want left behind


so live when we do something we like..

we can enjoy with it..

when i diving into sea..it’s like i saw new world..

beautiful scene..something make me thanks to God

my body like fly away when i do it..