I have different side so I mustn’t follow your side
because when i follow you, I don’t see the right thing
I will stand with my own foot
I will see with my own eyes
you can’t bother me with your idea
I will finding my original idea so I can prepare from now
I’m fool when i’m thingking I can’t get anything
everything i need in here, I can doing anything in here
don’t disturb me,
I will use everthing I have, I will get what I want
try what anything I can do
what different side will you choose? I choose my way so don’t bother me



huwaaaa…rasanya kosong..mau ngapain g ada yg menarik..

what i can do is read..T.T..tapi bosan…padahal bahan kuliah aje gile banyak banget..

when my spirit gone???????

merasa nggak melakukan semua dengan baik..